Solid wood kitchens

Wood cabinetry offers a degree of character to kitchens through shaker and specialty profiles, visible grains and knots, and painted finishes.

We've curated an excellent selection of wood cabinetry styles over the years, and they continue to be top sellers. Among challenges like competition and economy we've continued to construct our cabinets from plywood, using real wood in our doors, so that we can continue to offer our customers the same quality and value that has kept us in business for over 10 years.

Benefits of a Solid Wood Kitchen
  • While Melamine doors can discolour, peel, and expand, wood withstands the test of time.
  • Plywood is an excellent construction material, as it is made from wood sheets adhered to each other in alternating grain directions. This drastically reduces the opportunity for flaws, splitting, or warping.

US Style Raised Panel

In order to mimic the look of cherry wood, the doors of these cabinets have been made from specially cut maple and stained a beautiful colour.
Our Ginger Glaze cabinetry is a beautiful combination of stained maple and dark glaze, accentuating the molding detail on the door fronts.
This raised panel style is modernized by it’s bright white colour, and makes a beautiful bakers kitchen or upgraded with available moldings and accessories can make a very elegant kitchen.
Modern Chocolate displays the variation and woodgrain of maple in a deep, rich chocolate stain.
This style could work in both classical kitchens and in country kitchens.
Our Whiskey Brown style cabinets have a unique profile that looks almost like furniture.

US Style Shaker

This door is a softer take on the shaker-style. It has an inclined profile from the border into the centre panel.
If you’re looking for a room-brightening colour without going white, Champagne maple is an excellent option.
This style is a basic v-groove shaker but with a beautiful stain.
Cottage Cream is a slight variant on shaker-style, featuring an incline molding around the inset panel.
Beech has a unique grain, which this shaker style highlights. This style is a great update for renovation projects.
One of our most popular cabinets, Shaker White, is a modern v-groove shaker with a white painted finish.

European Style

New to our product line is our first frameless raised-panel option: Antique White.
Of our classic wood collection, this is the one style featuring true Cherry wood grain.
Espresso Flat is a traditional alternative to many other flat doors.
Shaker Espresso shows of the beautiful maple grain in it’s slight colour variations.
By popular demand, we’ve introduced grey into our product line. This hue, applied to our 5-piece shaker, is elegant yet modern.
This door has been added to our collection as white shaker doors have become a clear trend.